Looking For The Ultimate Water Balloon Launcher?

The Bam Launcher™ is the world’s best water balloon launcher. For over 10 years Bam Launcher™ has been developing cutting edge slingshot technology with a commitment to outdoor fun, excitement, and adventure.

This water balloon launcher was designed to be used by 3 people. It is the strength of 3 people pulling back on the super strong latex rubber tubing that allows you to hurl a water balloon up to 400 yards. That is the distance of 4 football fields! No other launcher can do that.

Our high quality launchers are made to last a life-time. They feature durable heavy duty latex rubber tubing that can pull a full size truck, double stitched nylon pouch, and thick comfortable foam hand grips.

There are many water balloon launchers, slingshots, and catapults on the market. The Bam Launcher™ is the most durable, long-lasting, and trusted name in the business.

If you have any questions on how to use the launcher or how strong the Bam Launcher™ really is, then check out the Launchers in Action page for useful videos.

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