200 Yard Bam Launcher

Every Launcher Kit Includes:

200 Yard Launcher

  • Durable Launcher
  • Nylon Carrying Pouch
  • 100 Starter Balloons
  • Endless Hours of Fun

200 yard launcher

The Ultimate 200 Yard Water Balloon Launcher

Made from surgical tubing with a durable nylon pouch, the 200 Yard Bam Launcher™ is a nearly indestructible water balloon launcher.

These water balloon launchers are filled with more than just excitement and adventure, they are filled with grade A adrenaline. You will win every water balloon fight by launching your way into the winners spot. You’ll dominate snowball fights. You will amaze with distance and accuracy. You will no longer have to worry about reaching your target or watching your balloons explode before their destination. Water balloon launchers are durable, accurate and have monster distance possibilities.

How Does This Amazing 3 Person Water Balloon Launcher Work?

Two people act as the support holding each end of the cradle (we wouldnt suggest putting the weakest people here) and one person acts as the puller manning the elastic sling. The puller then draws back the loaded sling and releases a force unknown to man!

We guarantee that after you use our Launhers, you will experience uncontrollable laughter and fun. It is a good way for friends and family to come together and have good, innocent entertainment.

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