100 Yard Bam Launcher

Every Launcher Kit Includes:

100 Yard Launcher

  • Durable Launcher
  • Nylon Carrying Pouch
  • 100 Starter Balloons
  • Endless Hours of Fun

100 yard launcher

The Ultimate 100 Yard Water Balloon Launcher

The 100 yard Bam Launcher™ is the smallest water balloon launcher of the bunch but still packs a punch.

While the 100 yard water balloon launcher is only guaranteed to launch a water balloon up to 100 yards it is still one of the most popular sizes. It is great for all ages and ideal for smaller kids. Let’s face it, 100 yards is still the distance of a football field and when you let that water balloon rip you are going to feel the excitement.

What do I need to know about the 100 yard water balloon launcher?

The 100 yard water balloon launcher takes 3 people to use. Two men on each side act as an anchor while the third man pulls the pouch with balloon back as far as they can. Then let it rip and watch the power of physics in front of your face.

We guarantee that after you use our Launhers, you will experience uncontrollable laughter and fun. It is a good way for friends and family to come together and have good, innocent entertainment.

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3 person water balloon launcher