Activities To Consider During The Summertime

Spring is officially here, which means summer will be here before we know it. Summer brings about hot temperatures; this can leave people thinking of ways to stay cool. Typical activities include: staying in buildings with air conditioning, going for a dip in the pool, attending a water park or going to the beach. All of these options are fun, but can get tiring after a while because they are typical activities to partake in. If you are looking to change up your routine, consider these activities the next time it is hot out or you are bored looking for something new to do.

Water Ballon Launcher



Anyone can partake in launching items at different targets it is fun for ages, whether you’re children, teen or an adult. You simply gather three people to use the launcher. Two people hold the ends while one person pulls the slingshot into action. You can send water balloons from 100, 200, 300, or 400 yards using the Bam Launcher ™. Create a game with friends and see who can hit the targets first or who can launch their water balloons the furthest. If it is a really hot day out you can versus your friends and launch water balloons at each other. The Bam Launcher is perfect for summer days hanging out with friends or using them during a summer party.


Hosting a Grill Out



Invite your friends for a summer grill out. Having one during the summer day can make for a good time if it is planned well in advance. Deciding who to invite, what food to make and what playlist will be used are the top three important considerations that need to be addressed. If all these are in order then you are in for a good time hanging out with friends.


Making a Bonfire



The spring and summer days can be quiet hot, however the temperatures can drop significantly at night making for a chilly time. Creating a bonfire can warm things up and make for an entertaining time. Bring some music and marshmallows, chocolate and gram crackers and you and your friends can make s’mores.


All of these activities will break up your ordinary routine and show you what other fun activities exist outside of the typical options that come to mind. Spring and Summer days can be exciting ones if you spend them the right way. Choose to use a Waller Balloon Launcher or Bam launcher ™ to engage in friendly competition and cool off or host a grill out for a relaxing experience. If these two options aren’t enough create a bonfire to roast marshmallows with friends and keep warm at night.


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