Bunch O Balloons

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We are kind of upset we didn’t come up with this. Some ingenious inventor came up with a way to fill up to 30 balloons at one time.

We take our water balloons seriously at Bam Launcher. So serious, in fact, the president of Bam Launcher has one tattooed on the small of his back ( more at that another time ). Apparently, their is some one out there that loves water balloons as much as we do. This ingenious inventor figured out a way to fill up 30 at one time. We are blown away by this.

Have you ever have one of those “Why didn’t I think of that?” moments? You are about to. Take a look at the video below.

Amazing right? This is part of a Kickstarter Campaign that as of writing has generated over $100,000. Check it out here

All I have to say is “Good Luck” to you, amazing human-being who invented this. You truly are a god among men, and if you are in need of the world’s best water balloon launcher to use with all those plump balloons then just use the following link.

3 person water balloon launcher