Angry Birds themed party IDEA

Angry Birds
Looking for Fun New Party ideas? Lets see how our Launchers can help make your next party the biggest hit of the year!

Planning a party can be tiring and taxing, not only you physically and mentally, but also to your wallet. Here and Bam Launchers we love saving money, we want to help you save money and the headache of planning a party that could possibly be not as fun as ours. So we thought to ourselves, what is fun that everyone loves (other than our awesome water balloon launchers) that people would love to play at parties?


So we decided to put together what we thought would be an easy low budget version that anyone can afford to have an amazing party game! Remember this is the low budget version be creative and spend as much as you want. Trust us! Once we got started, we got really creative.

What you need:

  1. 100yd Bam Launcher w/ 100 FREE Water balloons
  2. Cardboard Boxes (various Sizes)
  3. Green water balloons (Pigs)

Now that you’ve spent about 10 minutes grabbing all the essentials:

  • Set up your boxes; stack them in all kinds of fun wacky angles and positions
  • Fill up the Green Water Balloons to place in random openings to represent the pigs
  • Prepare the 100 water balloons that came with your launcher!
  • Get your friends or family and start firing away!

3 person water balloon launcher

Check out Conan O’brien’s Version!

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